Saturday, May 29, 2010

"I think your mom's on drugs!"

My mom isn't one to spend an over abundant amount of money on anything. And since pretty much everything these days costs just that, she pretty much never splurges on herself. Today however, was the day that blew not only my mind, but has blown and will continue to blow minds with each Escalante reading this post. (I expect several gasps in my comments, Escalante's)
Today my Mother, your mother, your grandmother, Spent a whopping 97.00 Dollars on a pair of wedges for my brothers wedding, and over 300 dollars on a suit for my dad. Normally, I wouldn't be sitting her crunching the numbers with all of you. However, to really grasp the gravity of the situation those numbers most definitely needed to be crunched.

"I think your mom's on drugs" - Dad

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