Sunday, October 24, 2010

back to Northern California... several requests for a change of address

just a few cents to make this one happy... thumbs up!
My trial run- done last minute on Cryn's head instead of the bride to be.
Linnia and Max- Married!.. aaand having coffee at the Goat
sipping my agua while watching the newlyweds being photographed at the Goat.
mustache reception

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Being apart of the process" as he calls it...

4th cup of the day
I have somehow misplaced my chord to download images from my camera, and as such, I have not been doing much of any blogging. What is blogging without pictures anyway? Stupid.

In other news, I am currently up North in Santa Rosa, and enjoying my time away. It's been nice to hang out with my family up here or sit quietly by myself at a coffee shop or just hang out with my brother, Dave.
Today I am tagging along with him at work. We have already gotten together with a couple of guys for coffee and Jesus at the Goat,and are currently sitting in his office hard at work... aaannd listening to music. lovely. lovely. 3rd cup of the day. 11:02 am