Saturday, May 29, 2010

700 bones

Earlier this evening, about ten to nine, I left my house to buy a cup of coffee for my dad. Once ordering the necessities, and pulling up to the drive through window, I hear my radio start getting all squiggly sounding. yes, squiggly. While the drive through attendant is handing me my order, I hear my engine start to rev and growing increasingly louder as i sat there. Just as it was my time to pull away from the window, my car dies. hmmmm.... I look at the drive through attendant, knowing there are three cars forming a line in back of me, and say, " my car just died!"
She yells for some someone inside to come help and two wonderful men come out to push me out of the way of the drive through. To make matters worse, I left my cell phone at home. One of the wonderful men takes out his iphone from his pocket and lets me call my dad. Once off the phone, that Same wonderful man comes to my car window and says with such a sensitive and compassionate heart, " JUST DON'T TAKE TOO LONG. WE KINDA NEED THIS AREA."

"Oh! okay! yeah, let me get out of your way... are you kidding me?" I probably would have started crying at this point but i am the champion of breaking down. Been there, done that. My dad finally shows up and squares me away. Hurray for daddy!

coffee and accouterment - 6 dollars
alternator- 700 dollars
spending time with Jesus and getting out of the house- priceless

"I think your mom's on drugs!"

My mom isn't one to spend an over abundant amount of money on anything. And since pretty much everything these days costs just that, she pretty much never splurges on herself. Today however, was the day that blew not only my mind, but has blown and will continue to blow minds with each Escalante reading this post. (I expect several gasps in my comments, Escalante's)
Today my Mother, your mother, your grandmother, Spent a whopping 97.00 Dollars on a pair of wedges for my brothers wedding, and over 300 dollars on a suit for my dad. Normally, I wouldn't be sitting her crunching the numbers with all of you. However, to really grasp the gravity of the situation those numbers most definitely needed to be crunched.

"I think your mom's on drugs" - Dad

Friday, May 28, 2010


I have found the ones I LOVE!!!! For a little short of 6 months I have been looking for the shoes i will wear to my brothers wedding. I'm super picky as it is, but on top of all my pickiness, I was very limited on what I could buy. The wedding and reception are both outdoors and on grass meaning, no heels. They needed to be gold or bronze. I look atrocious in Gold. Every gold wedge I tried on looked like I belonged on a pole. ehem. yuck! But yesterday, a very special day, I found THE shoes. success! To top my day off, my lovely friend magdalene accompanied me the whole way, and wrote a lovely piece about our day on her blog. It was and is very flattering! the words, not the photos of me. those are the absolute worst. check it out if you wish.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Two are better than one?...

my egg from breakfast this morning.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I came home to find a baby bird chirping and flying around my house. After minutes and minutes of trying to shew him out,he made his way to my front door, and stayed there for a really long time, staring, just staring outside. Now i have baby bird poop all over my house to clean up. thumbs down.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Santa Barbara wedding... yuuuup!

I have been taking inventory of my life lately. I'm trying to root out all those things in my life that I don't actually like doing, and figuring out what I really want. There's a pretty good size amount of things I've been doing for so long, and for what? I have been stuck in a rut of sticking around when I don't necessarily feel called to, but do so because I feel bad or think that if I don't step up, no one will. I wonder what the Lord could have actually done long ago in ministries, in my life and in others if I would have just left. God has this gigantic plan and most of the time I unconsciously put up every kind of barricade. I know God is going to accomplish His plan with or without my compliance, but it makes me wonder still. What could have happened if I was more sensitive to God's voice? I always seem to think that God's will is something to attain. And once I have it then... well, then what? But it's not. The Bible says that a man can plan his steps, but ultimately it's God who directs them. So what have I been doing with my life?.. Have I really been waiting this long, looking to be in " God's will" when all along I could have stopped striving, and just enjoyed my life, and the desires God has place in me?

Last night I was reading Jeremiah 46. In chapter 45, all these prophesies are given out regarding the nations surrounding Israel, and in chapter 46, God addresses them. The first part of the prophesy had to do with a battle, and starts to talk about a coming invasion to Egypt. " So Egypt is to be invaded. It is to be defeated by Nebuchadnezzar, but yet they will inhabit the land." In the last couple verses of chapter 46, God gives encouragement to His people. In verse 27 He says, "Jacob shall return, have rest and be at ease." And it got me thinking... Why have I for so long not been at rest or at ease? Why is it that though the Bible says, " Be anxious for nothing", I am still incredibly anxious? And why have I been doing things that make me unhappy?

I shot a wedding last night in Santa Barbara. It was beautiful! And although I was running around like crazy, sweating, and caring so much camera equipment, for the first time in a LONG time I felt as if I really was at the right place at the right time. I was truly enjoying the moment, the memory, the Life the Lord has given me to be lived out. I kept thanking the Lord for allowing me the privilege of being right there, right then. And so I encourage you: Have rest and be at ease!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Joyous anxiety

I feel like something needs to be said. I feel like there is something I need to get off my chest.
And I feel like shouting it from the roof tops. Literally. I want to go outside grab a ladder, climb up that ladder, stand on the roof of my house or preferably stand on the top of two roofs,one foot on each roof ( the roofs are very close together) and shout. Shout something special. shout something that I have wanted to shout but couldn't previously shout...

I feel like the plural for roof should be something other than roofs. what do you think it should be? roove? reef? roof-i? ha. ???...

Back to shouting atop roofs...

It could be because I'm listening to sarah Jaffe at this very moment, and the cello in the song, even born again makes my soul ache with joyous anxiety. hmm...

all this talk of roof tops makes me think about the paraplegic whose friends cared so much for his well being that they climbed a house top and began pulling stalks from the roof to lower him into Jesus' presence. I love that even though the paralyzed man could do nothing, his friends did everything it took to bring him into the presence of God. ANNND, I love that Jesus healed/forgave the man his sins because of his friend's faith. With that being said, I would like to say thank you to all the balcony people in my life who bring me to the presence of the Lord when I can't seem to get there... and to my "stage hand".

As far as the shouting atop a roof... I guess we'll all have to wait for my joyous anxiety to get the best of me.. and maybe just maybe, i might shout something special. ;) hope everybody's lost 'cause I sure am.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Cinco De Mayo is a delightful day. One of my favorite memories of this day was when i was in kindergarden, believe it or not. I can still remember the scents from the day- the smell of salsa looming in the air. mmmm. delicious.

My kindergarden and first grade years were spent at a trilingual school in Santa Ana called Taft Elementary School. Those days are burned in my brain. I remember one of my kindergarden teachers having toe nails resembling sea shells. I remember stealing said teacher's coral lip stick. I LOVED that lipstick. Everyday at school I would see her apply it and it haunted me. I HAD to have that lipstick. I remember denying a girl who asked to be my friend as I slid down a silver slide." your not supposed to ask to be someones friend, you just become one." I remember making flower bracelets, necklaces and crowns in the field. The memories go on and on.

Now, I wish I had a picture of significance but I don't. However, I do have this lovely picture of my beloved nephew. It makes me giggle.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Brazilian pygmy gecko

God is sooo cool. He created this a gecko that is so small that it could/ should drown in a puddle. But God made his skin water proof so he just floats on puddles instead of sinks. La la la... God is so cool.

This is what watching LIFE does to you...

Free Haggen Dazs

Free scoop of Ice cream on May 18th at Haggen dazs in celebration of their 50th Anniversary...FYI

Standing over the 76

OUR day was Awwwful. But then it got better. We ate dinner at Upper Crust, and decided to recite all the things in our life that we are currently happy about... it took some time but before we knew it we were laughing hysterically.
See that?!... That's the 76. See the tiny houses and cars?!.. that's cause we're up SOOO high taking pictures. She with her cannon and I with my ... camera phone. ha. That's what happens when you forget your camera.
B-E-A- utiful
look at my eyes. I didn't know i had the ability to look in two different directions at once. Its my super power.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May first everyone!

Can everyone believe that it's already May 1, 2010? Most days I am shocked the Lord has carried me this far. Today is a privilege to be apart of. Make the most of it!