Saturday, July 31, 2010

a crown for April

One of my lovely friends is getting married and in celebration of this occasion, I have made her a crown to wear at her bridal shower tomorrow evening. Here's hoping she'll love it.

Paris to the Moon

One of our beloved boutiques is potentially going to close down for good. I talked to one of the lovely ladies that works there today and we came up with a plan and we need your help. Everyone gather your money and head on down to Paris to the Moon to buy something spectacular. You will be helping out a good cause ( keeping them in business), and also walking away with some goodies. Even if you only have a couple cents, go on by and purchase some candy. PLEASE!!! I will be So sad to see this gem go. SAVE THE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER!

4th and 5th of July

our homeless fire

I'm clearly behind on all of my blog posts, but my computer has been a little silly as of late. I'm making up for lost time now. Onward we go! INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! I think one of the worst thing is when there is a family shindig and not everyone can make it. There are distinctive gaps in the day; instances where a certain personality would have been great at particular moments. But as we all know, the show must go on. So with these gaps came certain additions- family and a friend.

Friday, July 30, 2010

IMATS 2010

the kit I have had my eye on for a whole year. I thought I would be able to bring her home with me but I had to walk away. tear

Again with my " a while backs"... I went to the annual IMATS, which stands for International Makeup Artist Trade Show, or better known to the makeup Artist community as " The Show". This is one of my favorite times of year. I get all tingly inside! makeup as far as the eye can see. It truly is a beautiful sight to see. Each year there is a different theme with different special guests and this year the make artists from Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland where there. This years theme for the competition was beauty/fantasy. AMAZING!

Clair's Surprise party

the TK burger truck catered this affair
the fish in wine glasses really was a good idea
tip: goldfish die fast. buy the smaller ones and save money. they last longer

I had the privilege of planning a friends birthday party a while back. Her, her husband, my brother and sister n law and I were all hanging out together one afternoon, and when she received a phone call from her brother all the way in Iraq, we knew it was the perfect time to talk about this shindig. Brandon had so many great ideas. I loved sneaking around planning this with him. When a beach theme was suggested, I immediately hopped on board. I had been wanting to plan a beach themed party for quite some time now, and I left the cliche leis and hula skirts in the stores where they belong.

M is for Mountain; F is for Fresno

The mountain we conquered (Jesus and I)
my cabin
starbucks for the counselors!!!

The past two weeks I've been up in the mountains leading worship for two different Calvary Chapel Jr. High Camps. Usually I am not the most excited person who wants to spend time with a bunch of Jr. Highers, but it was actually really nice. I was in need of some alone time with Jesus and these weeks away, waiting on the Lord, was just the ticket. I was also able to break those two weeks up with a trip up to Fresno. I know that sounds dumb 'cause lets face it, it's Fresno and not Italy, but I had good company. It was nice to come down the mountain to fellowship for awhile before going back up to return to the feet of Jesus. Good times.

Happppy Birthday Danyelle!

My mom and I adult napped my cousin for her birthday today, and it couldn't have gone any better. The day started off with a Starbucks run (of course), then onward toward Crystal Cove. The whole purpose of going to Crystal Cove was so we could have breakfast at the Beachcomber, but do to an unforeseeable hour wait, breakfast became lunch. Let me tell you... it was WELL worth every minute and penny. mmm Tastey! Happy Birthday Danyelle!

ps. Due to the overwhelming and amazing response to the crown i made for her birthday( which she wore all day), I will be selling them. It just has to be done. I have been talked into it.