Saturday, May 29, 2010

700 bones

Earlier this evening, about ten to nine, I left my house to buy a cup of coffee for my dad. Once ordering the necessities, and pulling up to the drive through window, I hear my radio start getting all squiggly sounding. yes, squiggly. While the drive through attendant is handing me my order, I hear my engine start to rev and growing increasingly louder as i sat there. Just as it was my time to pull away from the window, my car dies. hmmmm.... I look at the drive through attendant, knowing there are three cars forming a line in back of me, and say, " my car just died!"
She yells for some someone inside to come help and two wonderful men come out to push me out of the way of the drive through. To make matters worse, I left my cell phone at home. One of the wonderful men takes out his iphone from his pocket and lets me call my dad. Once off the phone, that Same wonderful man comes to my car window and says with such a sensitive and compassionate heart, " JUST DON'T TAKE TOO LONG. WE KINDA NEED THIS AREA."

"Oh! okay! yeah, let me get out of your way... are you kidding me?" I probably would have started crying at this point but i am the champion of breaking down. Been there, done that. My dad finally shows up and squares me away. Hurray for daddy!

coffee and accouterment - 6 dollars
alternator- 700 dollars
spending time with Jesus and getting out of the house- priceless

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