Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Adam and Halli's engagement session

Preparing for their Circus wedding!

image credit: Josh Goleman

Circus wedding, i luv u!

I have been into whimsical things as of late. Actually, maybe I've been this way all along. Or maybe this appreciation recently developed during my birthday preparation. Hmm. don't know. Anyhow, I stumbled across this delightful circus themed wedding during my morning peruse of blogs. I absolutely adore every bit of it. And either to your excitement or dismay, I am seriously contemplating the idea for yours truly. though, tomorrow I will probably find something else to do instead. Good thing I have nothing but time... :)

image credit: Josh Goleman

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Listen up, man who is gonna marry me!!! we need brick in our place... just say'n


There is something special and dangerous about an animal I got when I was younger. When he first came home, and for a couple of years, he had us fooled. somehow he has managed to transform into a different creature every couple of years. My brothers used to call him the " red heifer." Sometimes he resembles that of a fawn, Bambi, if you will. Other times, when his ears lay back, he looks like a seal. But most recently he has taken shape as a UNICORN. Sadly, it has been hard to properly enjoy him as a unicorn. However, today my unicorn returned to his first identity, a small red miniature doberman pinscher, as he has had his horn removed. Since being home from the vet with his CONE strapped around his neck, Chewy has still not figured out that he can't fit through small spaces or get in his blankets by himself or go through the doggy door and my absolute favorite, he runs into everything with his cone on. a Celebration is in order. Now to get past the yucky stitches, and blood stage.

mmm... birthdays

Driving down 17th street in costa/newport, I was talking to the Lord about flowers and how I wished it was some ones birthday because I wanted to buy one. At that moment in time I asked my friend Natalie, " When is your birthday?" "Tomorrow", she replied. I didn't believer her so she showed me her drivers license. hahahah. YEP! February 21, 19**.

Onward we went to the Land of cupcakes, SUSIE CAKES!.. We indulged and then we indulged and then once more we indulged. After all, birthdays are for celebrating!!!

spa day!... yes please!

A cousin of mine said one day," pick your present" ... so I picked luxury. What a day it was. Jacuzzi, steam room, massages, silence, tea, reading and too too much food. Lovely Day! Thanks Danyelle! I had a blast.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

I would!... I WILL!!!

My New Years resolution this year was something that for the first time actually is pretty reasonable. I decided I would add more color to my wardrobe. what a challenge it has been. Not for lack of finding items to brighten, but finding the money to do so. I received some money for my birthday (yay!), which i dedicated to adding such colors. Since my money is now devoted to... I don't know?.. bills?.. I can no longer buy such items... Selfishly, I am almost tempted to put up a paypal account for those that feel so inclined to donate to the cause. hahahah! BUT I WON'T! It has been a venture.

brought to you by: chris benz

good talk

For years now I have been walking the tiles of South Coast plaza with longing eyes. No, Not for clothes or shoes or any such thing, but of one precious espresso bar, Antonello's. Two years ago I came dangerously close to accomplishing my goal yet to my dismay, it was made know at purchase, cash only was the policy. The days of longing have since ceased. Today was the day!!! With A.W Tozer and the word of God at our sides, my friend Katie and I made the jump and it was scrumptious!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh how my soul has been weary- why is it that the tiniest things make the biggest deals?

Each morning I am subdued with my worthlessness, yet as I stumble out of bed and find my way to the Bread of Life, I encounter God's unchanging, never-ending love for me. I have been engulfed adjectively (as of late) by the Poetic words of my Savior. Sweetly, each morning He allures me to Himself. " For I, says the Lord, ' will be a wall of fire all around her, and I will be the glory in her midst.'"

Last night I continuously mulled over Philippians 4:6-9, as my sister in law sweetly suggested.
I love that this verse says, " Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your request be made known to God..." How did I miss that all these years? with thanksgiving? In order to keep my thoughts in the Lord's hands, my flesh was forced to give thanks for the very thing that agitated me.
This morning I awoke to the obnoxious noise of a mulcher right outside my window, and all of a sudden the nights events came flashing in my heart. Again I rushed to my Bible to be washed in the word, looked at my guitar which hasn't been soothing my spirits and back again to the Word.
for days there has been a song in my heart, but nothing sufficient to satisfy. Every time I sat down putting pen to paper, something jazzy came out... I like jazz but it wasn't my style of choice for this song. Clearly I was being influenced by something, but what?Without another thought I stopped listening to music. Once stopped, I realized something very important about myself, the Bible needed to go. I think I was forcing it too much. I knew something needed to be released so i thought, why not sing the word of God? bad idea. you know why??? every single verse ( practically) has a melody already to it.
Even more antsy, I readied myself for the day, headed over to converse with a dear friend at School of Worship, decided I am going to teach myself how to play the banjo( which is going quite well for my first day), and decided I was going to lock myself in the recording studio to do business with my Lord. The Result: the cry of my heart put to a melody. Praise God for His promise that when we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Food and prop stylist

As you all should know by now, I love blogs. Several times a day I am thankful I do not have an iphone for this very reason. The world as I know it would cease to exist. Even my home is dangerous territory. My computer is nestled sweetly in the corner of my living room; It is never far.
Every time i check up on all the blogs I follow, my heart seems to leap and sink almost instantaneously. I love finding new inspiration and getting in the " creative mood. " There are however, these AMAZING pictures posted mostly regarding food, that seem to tear my heart apart. May i just say to all of you who are food and prop stylist, I love and despise you all at the same time. you make my heart hurt. All this to say, I have taken a picture that has made my heart smile, and in doing so i believe I found the key, the secret, the reason for all the fuss. It's texture. And obviously it is lacking in my world. though it was found briefly at the Flying Goat up in Northern California.

image credit: Ellen Silverman
Coffee image credit: me!( allison escalante)

Yarn shop

Just as we were walking back to our cars from getting coffee, I saw this BEAUTIFUL yarn shop that was actually called the yarn shop. Unfortunately my family had some kind of agenda that involved actually getting on an air plane and flying home. weird. .. needless to say it was a sad walk past the yarn shop and to my car. on the plane ride home i get zooming in on the actual image of the yarn shop to see if i could get some kind of satisfying taste of what the store must have been like. and to top it all of it was decorated for Valentine's day. Valentine's decorations seem to make things a whole lot better in my book. Sad. i know.

chaleco salvavidas debajo de su asiento

in other words...LIFE VEST UNDER YOUR SEET. I never get to take pictures from the air. I always forget to actually take pictures or I'm flying late at night and I cant see anything any way OR the battery in my camera fails just as i am flying home. NOT THIS TIME!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

so many little ones so little time

Celebrating CRyn

my loves

Elliott Satchel and Caiden Keats... Oh how i love thee... this past weekend my parents and I flew up to celebrate my sister in laws birthday (corynne), and to get some much needed face time with my niece and nephew( as well as my brother and sister). T'was delightful.

Monday, February 8, 2010

done and done

My business blog is now up and running and beautiful and I couldn't be more pleased with the turn out. please check it out! Kristy, you are the best!

I would definitely recommend working with kristy if you too need a beautiful site change. I could go on and on about this lovely lady, but i will save my fingers from the typing. Further interested or intrigued? here is a link to her site! You will not regret your decision to hire her

Claim Jumper!!!


getting andrew back

my mom getting me good

the clean up crew that all currently have eggs hiding in their hands and pockets... which is exactly why i wouldn't stand in the middle of them like they wanted. they some how ended up attacking me anyway.

ONe of the perfectly pleasant details of my party was confetti eggs. And EVERYONE thought it would be a good to go after yours truly. I GOT WORKED several times.... it was unbelievable! I actually got dizzy for a second there.