Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SOMETIMES YOU WISH YOU WERE HERE AND SOMETIMES YOU'RE GLAD THAT YOU'RE GONE. As of late every time I come home whether that be from a long time away or just a trip to and from church, market, or what have you, I have an overwhelming feeling like I'm not suposed to be here. God has given me a heart for someplace but He has yet to reveal all that that entails. Please Pray that the Lord would make clear His path, and that I would here His voice louder than the rest.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

today i spent one of my few hours i have left at Target before i leave again. I was walking around and saw a woman in her 20's sitting in a shopping cart, and had to take a picture. At some point in life we need to grow up, and apparently that time has yet to come for her. 


                                    Jesse, Justin, Jim, Joel, Josh... there are WAY too many 'J's in my life

I have been everywhere else but home. Every now and again i like to take a little break from my  life in Orange County, and seek the Lord in a new attitude. It is always a blessing. Three Weeks ago i left for North County San diego. Two Weeks ago i left for Carpenteria. One week ago i left for the mountains (CCJH Camp). And this week i will be back up there. ahhh! it has been hectic but lots of fun with lots of tears. I LOve BEing EnCoUrAgEd in the Lord!!! and my friend John ALWAYS makes me cry( mostly cause were on the same page).

Sunday, July 19, 2009

i dont know if anyone cares but i would just like to let all of you know Loehmann's is coming to Metro Pointe!!! Im so excited!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

where have i been

where have i been?I have been busy with the happening of life. Everything from visiting my loved ones up in Northern California, taking an updo class, quitting my job, coffee with friends, all the run around of the wedding(which went great- pictures to follow shortly), and seeking the Lord on future events, and now the expectation of a new addition. One of my friends has a baby in her tummy! To celebrate this occasion, a card.