Sunday, June 27, 2010

photo shoots

A little while back I was able to participate in a couple photo shoots. I'm a big fan of creating different looks on these ladies, and Lauren, the photographer gave me a lot of free reign to work. All in all everything came out looking AMAZING!!!

* more to come shortly

santa barbara wedding...mhm

Lets take a look into one of the many sides of my job as a second shooter, shall we?!

Yeah, I'm the best!!!

Matt ran in front of the bride and groom to get a couple shots and I grabbed our things running behind them. Clearly, he thought it was pretty funny otherwise this picture probably wouldn't exist.

more wedding looks


Monday, June 21, 2010

There is something to be said about my dad. He is the collector of... EVERYTHING! dice, buttons, race cars, Mc Donald's happy meal toys still in it's wrapper from decades ago. You name it, he probably has it tucked away somewhere in our garage. For years now he has been saying he collects these toys for when he has grand children, and although that may be true, I believe this obsession goes deeper than what has been said.

About a week ago, my dad went to a distant relatives house for a birthday party. I believe this little boy was turning seven. Once home, my dad starts raving about how awesome this party actually was. He starts going on and on about the Nerf gun wars. yes, I said Nerf gun. Ever since then, my dad has been writhing with the sheer thought of owning his own. And so it was on thursday of last week that he received his very own Nerf gun. The anticipation grew with each tear of the wrapping paper. He could see the neon colors connecting with his eyes, but to his dismay, this was not the gun he had been hoping for. It was truly a Nerf gun, but this gun he had received was a peasant gun compared to the one he had been dreaming about. Sure it shot relatively well, and it had all the right colors and darts but but it didn't, wouldn't, and could not hold a candle to his first love.

two days later, at father's day, there was a glimmer of hope in his eyes. Would my family fulfill this dream of mine, he probably thought. Yes! It was on June 20th his dream came true. The VULCAN EBF- 25 was everything he could have hoped for.

Aaand they're back...

okay so they've really been back for about a week now but I had to share some images to make up for all this lost time. The night after they had gotten back from they're honey moon, my family, some friends, brandon and clair, and Rachel's sister kim went over to their condo to eat dinner with them and watch them open some presents from the wedding; there were lots.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wedding Recap

Aren't they lovely?!!...

image credit: Tyler Gipe

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wedding woe

My brother's wedding was so much fun! I wish I had taken pictures, but in all the craziness I simply did not think of it. Sad, I know. hopefully someone soon will send me some I can share with all of you.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

wedding tomorrow!!!

Hurray! My brother is marrying the one he loves tomorrow at 4:00 pm.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Suburban plus rope plus jeep equals tow-truck

All I'm gonna say for now is, I'm tired of men who think they can just disrupt my life and yell at me. Especially the policeman from tonight's escapade.