Tuesday, September 14, 2010

joel's day

A while back we celebrated our friend Joe's birthday with a birthday party that we had no idea was actually a birthday party. I received a text message from him telling me that I was to skip church to come hang out with him at his house. I didn't question it. As we sat there and person after person came filing in the house, we ( maggie and I) realized this WAS a birthday party... and we had no present. So we promised him we would take out one day to celebrate him being born- a day in which he would not have to pay a dime and have WAY too much fun.
1. pick Jadge up from SOW
2. get lunch
3. ice cream at Rite Aid
4. swing at a park (unplanned)
5. Barnes and Nobel to kill time before the movie (unplanned)
6. candy from candy shop around the corner from movie theatre
7. toy store
8. Movie (Karate Kid)
10. Dinner at Laventina's
11. eating dinner on life guard stand at the wedge

*some photos were deleted and unable to be recovered because of an unforeseen happening.

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