Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Food and prop stylist

As you all should know by now, I love blogs. Several times a day I am thankful I do not have an iphone for this very reason. The world as I know it would cease to exist. Even my home is dangerous territory. My computer is nestled sweetly in the corner of my living room; It is never far.
Every time i check up on all the blogs I follow, my heart seems to leap and sink almost instantaneously. I love finding new inspiration and getting in the " creative mood. " There are however, these AMAZING pictures posted mostly regarding food, that seem to tear my heart apart. May i just say to all of you who are food and prop stylist, I love and despise you all at the same time. you make my heart hurt. All this to say, I have taken a picture that has made my heart smile, and in doing so i believe I found the key, the secret, the reason for all the fuss. It's texture. And obviously it is lacking in my world. though it was found briefly at the Flying Goat up in Northern California.

image credit: Ellen Silverman
Coffee image credit: me!( allison escalante)

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