Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is there anywhere i can get a big ole mission accomplished banner?!!!

So at work I am only allowed to wear black, white, or grey. It's been somewhat of a challenge coming up with an outfit with these three colors and i definitely need to add more to my wardrobe. Since my first paycheck is pretty much all going towards paying my ticket, I have had to try and be more creative with my wardrobe, as i must hold off for a little longer on buying new items. Another problem i am facing is adding color in little amounts as to get away with it at work. Yesterday i resorted to a green and blue feather headband and red lipstick. I have been trying to blend in somewhat so as to not overly draw attention to myself- they're not ready for my mohawk yet. Stepping into work with red lipstick was a big step. I'm starting to get more comfortable there and more familiar with everything and everyone. The day was a success!