Monday, June 15, 2009

1st beach day of the summer

The South Swell was crazy!!! The waves were supposed to be 4 to 5 feet with the occasional 6. however, the morning ended up being the occasional 8 (in some spots). Rediculous. 
  • of our girls got caught in a Rip, and because Life guards aren't yet on duty, my friend Andrew had to go save her. 
  • 2. a seal pup swam dangerously close to shore. then got a little closer, and then even closer. so close in fact that he beached himself. whether he was wanting to die or just resting i do not know but it was pretty cool to see a wild seal so close.
  •  some stupid lady decided it was a good idea to try and pet the wild seal.... DUMB!
  • 3.Selah is just adorable!
  • 4. I'm too sun burnt for words. 

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Sera Nelson said...

Selah is adorable, i have to agree... the seal is so small!