Tuesday, March 17, 2009


today a couple of people, i think from a communications class or something, were giving out free hugs. i did receive a free hug from one of these individuals... and today was also a weird day. this guy kept coming by my group of friends at school and asking us where our green was.  apparently he jumped over this hedge at school and was disappointed i missed it. i told him to do it again but i think he was late for class from all his lolleygagging, and was going to show me when he came back( the things boys will do for attention- just silly). one of my friends at school was convinced he and i needed to start dating so she wrote my name and number on a piece of paper to give him. Praise Jesus i Grabbed it out of her hand before she could give it to him. 
today, in Honor of St. Patrick's day, i decided to do a camo/ GI Joe makeup display.