Thursday, January 6, 2011

I have found the one I love

After years and years and years of searching, well, my whole life really, I have found the one my soul loves. Yes! I have found what my soul loves. Jo Malone. Well, not her really but the lovely fragrance she has created especially for me!
I love the idea of a fragrance but am so sensitive to scents that i have never been able to truly enjoy life with a fragrance other than my own. But today was the day.
I was walking through South Coast Plaza picking a foundation up from Sephora and trying to find a hair clip for a mother of one of a groom in an up coming wedding this saturday, and I decided to actually walk into Jo Malone instead of walk by it. The sales lady was super helpful and after about 10 min or so, we had found it. It was a tall order but we did it!
The only downside is that they only sell this bottle in a tall size, meaning, 125 dollars out of my infant size pockets. I have since justified it by saying, I have been saving my whole life for this scent (since i mostly end up returning or not even purchasing a fragrance).

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