Thursday, January 22, 2009


for some reason whenever i go on to Myspace or something to that effect, i always seem to see at least one person who has that stupid happy face thing that says " thirsty" next to it. seriously?come on! first of all, no one legitimately thirsty would take the time to log onto their account, and change the symbol just so everyone would know how thirsty they are. and second, happy faces in general are just agitating. they should have died when we graduated Elementary School. you need to let go! ALL this to say... today i could have been one of those irritating people well, cryn and i could have been those irritating people. for some reason during our trek through the mall we became so thirsty we could not function. cryn thankfully, remembered a cup of ice water left in the car from lunch. however, between her and i our well depleted into nothing more than a... never-mind. driving our car franticly, and sadly scheming to get free water, we settled on the church office at calvary costa mesa... so sad. hopefully you will never be this thirsty. thanks to rachel, water bottles for everyone!

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